Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Goofin' Off into 2019

I was just looking back at my last post way back in August, and I once again realize how precious my blogging family is to me.  It's been a surreal few months since I last posted, but the Goofin' Offs are back in business and ready to reconnect.

Quick update on my projects for those that come here just for the cross stitching and quilting eye candy.  I am looking forward to having more time this coming year to work on my projects.  I really, really missed having a lack of time last year.

Here is where I left off my last post with Mickey and Pirate Friends Cross Stitch:

Mickey & Pirate Friends CS 08/02/2018
and here is where I am today:
Mickey & Pirate Friends CS 01/08/2018
Yay!  We have a skull and crossbones.

I'm afraid to say I didn't take pictures of my last quilt finish.  I have begun being better about taking pictures again.  So here are the fabrics I picked out for my current project.  Sorry, there aren't any Disney fabrics in this one.  All but one of the fabrics were graciously gifted to me by my mother-in-law.  

Fabrics for Quilt #1 of 2019

I spent some time during the holidays cutting out all of these pieces for the quilt center--all 624 of them.  I'm not sure if this will be a record for me or not.  I know many of you do centers with thousands of pieces, but I am just not there yet.  It's not a competition, right?  It's about the journey.

Quilt #1 of 2019 - 624 Pieces Cut for Center of Quilt

Now for a quick update on the happenings of the Goofin' Offs.  My last post found me spending time with my mother who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  At that time, she had been given about another month and a half.  Mr. Goofin' Off had a conference being held at the Disneyland Hotel, so of course I decided to join him.  My mother insisted that I not miss the trip.  She loved to travel and made it clear that no matter what happened, no one was to cancel a trip during her illness.

While Mr. Goofin' Off was in classes the first morning, I headed off to check out the Pixar Fest goings on.  Here is the entrance to the newly themed Pixar Pier.  

New Entrance to Pixar Pier

It was really well done.  I spent the morning there taking pictures and journaling.  I found a nice quiet corner and enjoyed the Pixar music in the background and watching the families spending time playing together.  It was a beautiful morning.  Here is a video I put together with the pictures that I took that morning of the new Pixar Pier area.

When I got back to the hotel later that morning, I received a call from my younger sister who was up staying with my parents for a long weekend to help my mom.  My mom had taken a turn for the worse that morning.  They were taking her up to the hospice center to see if they could stabilize her.  From that moment on during the trip, things were pretty somber for us Goofin' Offs.  I debated whether or not to fly back to Seattle to be with my parents and siblings, but whenever I talked to my mother on the phone she insisted I not come home early.  

Lone Bird of Paradise Flower at Disneyland Hotel
Back at The Disneyland Hotel, I found this lone Bird of Paradise flower blooming.  My mother loved this type of flower as it reminded her of some our happiest family vacations to Hawaii.  In some odd way, it provided me comfort throughout the week.  

When we flew home at the end of the week, I went to visit my mother at the hospice center.  She looked extremely weak but wanted to know what new things we had seen.  When we came back the next day, she had lost consciousness.  I am grateful I had that one last conversation with her in person.  The next week was spent waiting with various family members in her hospital room at the hospice center.  They moved her to a nice large room to accommodate our large family.  It had a beautiful view of the the Puget Sound.  My mom always liked a good upgrade, so we embraced this room change as her final upgrade.  She passed away on August 18th.  

My father has Parkinson's and is legally blind.  As you can imagine, we have been spending a lot of time helping with things around his house and making sure he gets dinner every day.  He has finally agreed to get an apartment in an assisted living building.  I am glad he came to this conclusion on his own.  We have to wait for an opening which may take a few months.  However, this gives us a chance to start helping him clean and prepare for the move.  We are hoping his move will help take some of the pressure off of the family and help things get back to a normal state of being.  

So now you have all the updates.  I am excited be back and am glad that things are getting back to a new "normal."  I can't wait to re-engage with all of you.  

Love,  Mrs. Goofin' Off

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