Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's National Goof Off Day...

This morning an article come across my Facebook feed stating that it was National Goof Off Day.  Now, how can a blog that’s name starts with “Goofin’ Off…” not do a blog post on National Goof Off Day?  I followed the article to the website.  It gave the following explanation for Goof Off Day: 

“A chance to step back from the rigors and pressures of everyday life, Goof Off Day encourages you to take some time to be silly, waste an hour or two, and to do something a bit different!” 

Hubby and I work hard, so we like to use our goof off time to release some pressure so that we don’t get stressed out.  I’m not sure what we’ll be doing tonight to celebrate, but you can rest assured that we WILL be celebrating. 

In honor of National Goof Off Day, below is a picture of hubby and Goofy doing the “secret” Goofy handshake on our trip a couple of weeks ago. 

There is a little story to accompany this picture.  We were standing in line to get our picture taken with both Goofy and Pluto.  When Goofy saw hubby’s shirt with his picture on it, he gently shoved Pluto to the side and made it clear that this picture was to be taken only with the two Goofs.  This is when the two did their secret Goofy handshake.  I stepped aside to comfort Pluto whose feelings had been hurt.  Thank goodness Pluto forgives easily, because he was hopping around and posed for a picture with us after all the goofiness was over. 

I don’t have progress pictures to show on my projects just yet (although they will be coming soon).  The center of the Tinkerbell quilt is almost finished.  I am so excited.  I played with the original layout to find the one that I liked better for my quilt. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been working on a few quilt designs for my next quilt in EQ7.  The quilt will be for a queen-sized bed.  Below you can find the focus fabric that features Captain America that will be the fabric used in the center of each block.  The center of the blocks will NOT be a solid white like in the design pictures. 

I’d love some input as to which design you like the best.  I have my own preference, but I’d love to hear what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment below with your favorite design. 

Quilt Design #1: 

Quilt Design #2: 

Quilt Design #3: 

I am pretty sure I won’t be using so much black in the outer borders, so I am mostly trying to decide on the design of the blocks in the center of the quilt for now.  I have tried to simplify the sewing of the blocks by making it strip-sewing friendly. When I am finished with the quilt, I will be posting the pattern for free on my blog.  

This will be one quilt we keep at home.  Captain America is hubby’s favorite Marvel superhero…along with Ant I jumped at buying the fabric when I saw it at JoAnn’s.  Once I’ve decided on the quilt design, I should be able to go ahead and finish picking up any fabric I may be missing to complete it.  I am hoping I’ve got what I need in my stash, but I won’t know until the design is complete. 



  1. Never knew there was a National Goof Off Day ... and I missed it ... no goofing off for me that day ... maybe next year ... :)

    Captain America is my SIL's favorite Marvel comic hero. My hubby bought him an anthology of the first original comics for Christmas. He loved his gift. I am sure your hubby will love his quilt.

    For featuring the focus fabric best I think I would say Quilt Design #1. That seems the least busy of the settings. I would have to know the size of the squares and blocks and see the other fabrics to say for sure though.

    I will look forward to seeing your choice and progress on your quilt ... :) Pat

    1. Thanks for the reply, Pat! The focus fabric itself is a little busy, so I think you've got a great point there. The squares will be 12" with the center being a 6" square.

  2. National Goofing Off Day! How fun is that? I'm with Pat above - design #1 would show off the focus print better I think.


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