Saturday, May 13, 2017

Goofin' Off on a Travel Day...05/13/2017 Project Updates

As hubby and I are preparing for an upcoming cruise vacation with his family, I began looking at our photos from our last trip.  I noticed that we have sort of a routine or ritual of sorts that we go through on travel days before we head off to somewhere fun...hopefully, involving something Disney.  Before I get into that, I want to give a few updates on projects over the past few days.

Quilt Update(s)

First up is the (very small) progress I've made on the quilt blocks for the Captain America quilt. There has not been a whole lot of progress due to the fact that I've been spending a lot of time winding bobbins for my new cross stitch project.  But here is what I did accomplish.  I was able to add a white strip to the bottom of the pieces that I had worked on last week.

Small Addition to the Quilt Block Units

Cross Stitching Update(s)

In addition to winding a bajillion bobbins of embroidery floss this week, I did manage to get some stitching done on the new project.  As you can see from the picture, it has mostly been browns, dark browns, medium browns, and a few dark red threads mixed in for variety.  This is so different from my the colors of my greens, lavenders and light blues of Tink.  But I can't always stitching those colors...can I?  

Update 05/13/2017 on Mickey and Friends Pirates

I have received a couple of requests to know what the final project will look like.  I have posted below a snapshot of approximately what the top quarter of the finished stitched piece is going to look like. Here is your sneak peek.

Sneak Peek of Top Quarter of Finished Piece

Travel Day Routine for the Goofin' Off Family

I don't know about you, but the Goofin' Off family has settled into a sort of routine on the day we head out to travel.  Because we live in the Seattle area, and we are usually flying long distances (like the other side of the US), we usually take an early-morning flight.  Whenever possible, we like to get nonstop flights.  This usually means that the flight leaves way too early in the morning.  I usually get up at some indecent time of the morning...around 3 a.m.  I take the time to get ready, finish packing, and double check that I packed everything.  

I am not one to do a lot of selfies, but on travel mornings I always manage to get a selfie before we head out the door.  As you can see, it's not uncommon for Mr. Goofin' Off's eyes to be half closed. He grabs and opens a can of Diet Coke before we get in the car.  

Travel Morning Selfie for May 2017 Trip

As you can see from the clock in our car from the last trip, we got in the car at 5:06 a.m.  That was only about six minutes late from when we had wanted to get on the road...not too bad for us.

The Console of the Car Says It Is 5:06 a.m. and 43 Degrees Outside

We head to the airport and park our car in a lot right off the airport property.  It takes about 15 minutes to get from the parking lot to the airport.  That's when the real fun know, getting in line to tag your bags, getting in line to check your bags, and getting in line at airport security.

Luckily, we recently got our act together and got approved for TSA Pre-Check.  Yep, that was a lifesaver this past trip. We made it through security in record time without having to take our liquids out or take our shoes off.  That left us time to pick up something to eat at the airport other than a quick stop for a Danish or croissant.  This past trip we got breakfast at Pallino Pastaria.  My breakfast came with eggs, bacon, and a fruit cup.  This was significant enough that I didn't really get hungry until the very end of the 5-1/2 hour flight.

Breakfast at Pallino Pastaria at SeaTac Airport

Once we get to the gate, it's time to settle in and wait for the flight to board.  We try to board last instead of waiting in the long lines and crowds when they start boarding.  Because that gives us a little extra time, we usually get out magazines or books...or in the case of Mr. Goofin' Off looking to see if there are any good Pokemon to catch at the airport on Pokemon GO.

Mr. Goofin' Off Playing Pokemon Go
OK, all of this talk about travel day is getting me really, really excited for upcoming vacation.  It isn't too far in the future.  I can't wait to share a few photos with you when we get back.  

Do you have any travel day routines or rituals that your family shares?  I'd love to hear about them. Just leave a comment below.  


  1. I so love your new start. Can't wait to see more. Have a great trip.


  2. We don't travel much but I do get quite stressed about packing. I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was trying to pack a case and kept thinking of more and more things I needed to take with me and it was getting later and later!
    I'm afraid that life is too short to bobbinate! I just pop the threads in a Floss-away bag and we're done. For a large project I might make a card thread sorter and put one or two lengths of each colour on that but otherwise I stitch from the one set of DMC I own.

    1. Thanks for dropping in, Jo. Packing can definitely be stressful. I know I'm almost always going to miss something.

      You made me chuckle with "life is too short to bobbinate." I think you've got the latest cross stitch meme with that one.

  3. Mickey and friends pirates looks like it is going to be a fun stitch. You sound so well organised for your trips - where are you off to next trip? We don't particularly have any rituals although the way you approach your trips sounds just like how we do it - we try to be super organised, too. As far as trips for us go, TraderVic and I are hoping to "pop" across to London to visit your daughter this Christmas - fingers crossed that the stars align and we can make it happen.

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I apologize for the delay in responding as we had already left on our next adventure--a Disney cruise up the West Coast of the US with my hubby's family. We had a great time. I hope you are able to visit your daughter this Christmas.

  4. It sounds like you are experienced travelers and have flying down to an art :) We aren't and will now be forced to travel to the other side of the country (PA to CA) since our son moved to San Diego. There are NO non-stop flights from Pittsburgh so it is one long, long day for us... Hope you have a great time with the family on your cruise!

    1. Carol, Thank you for dropping by! We would like to think we're experienced. We certainly love to travel and refine our pre-vacation routine each time to be sure we are becoming more efficient at it. We are now back from the cruise and had a lovely time. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I had hoped. I know how long those cross-country flying days can be. That's why we have not (yet) flown out of the US...I can't imagine how long a flight to Australia would be.


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