Thursday, June 1, 2017

Goofin' Off With Disney Cruise Trip Report Day 2 and Project Updates

In my last blog post, I left you at the end of Day 1 on our Disney cruise, poor measuring skills requiring the need of more Captain America fabric, and a lot of dark browns with the Mickey and friends cross stitch project.  So let's get this Disney-related saga started again.

Disney Wonder - Photo from Wikipedia

First of all, I got as far with my quilt pieces as I could while I waited for the fabric to arrive.  I managed to do this...

Step II - Units B

...and this...

Step III - A Units
...and this...and then I needed to stop until the new fabric arrived.

Step III - B Units

When Mr. Goofin' Off got home from work last night, he brought the mail in with him.  He had this baby in his hands.  Yep.  Captain America has been been arrived and is awaiting me to cut into it. Hopefully, I'll cut it right this time...measure a bazillion times, cut once. Right?  I'm not sure I could find any more of this precious fabric if I don't get it right this time.

Yay!  My New Fabric Arrived from Etsy - So Quick!

I was able to make a little more progress on the Mickey and Pirate Friends stitching.  There is a little more color emerging...even if it is more variations of browns, reds, and oranges.  I hope we'll be seeing Goofy's eye appearing before the end of June.

Micky and Pirate Friends as of 05/31/2017

Now for the update on Day 2 of our Disney cruise. Day 2 is actually the day we boarded the ship. I'll blame the fact that I didn't take many pictures that day due to an was the injury's fault. Mr. Goofin' Off had headed down to tour the USS Midway during the morning. He had anticipated being back to the hotel room before checkout...well, best intentions can go awry when you're traveling with a big group.

Unfortunately, he didn't quite make it back, and the maids were knocking on the door, and I didn't want to pay for another night so I foolishly decided to haul three stuffed suitcases and two stuffed backpacks down to the lobby and wait for the rest of the crew there. In the process, I tweaked something in my back. It was quite painful for the first 24 to 48 hours but a boatload (do you see the pun there?) of ibuprofen helped dull the pain as I worked out the kinks for a couple of days.

After we all gathered in the lobby, we headed out to the ship. Some of our crew took taxis, and some of us walked. Mr. Goofin' Off and I walked. It was a beautiful day, and it wasn't but four or five blocks to the ship. The walk was nice, and I hoped it would work out some of the kinks.

After arriving at the terminal, we waited in line to drop off our bags...and waited in line to check in...and waited in line to board the ship. If you've ever been on any trip to Disney, you know Disney has line waiting down to a science.

Just Like at Disneyland - Disney Cruise Has the Line System Down to a Science

We all boarded the ship at different times, but somehow we all managed to run into each other at the buffet. Yep. We did a lot of that...running into each other...and eating.

After lunch was the muster drill.  I always get a chuckle because they always say to put the short ones in front of the line at the muster drill.  I was definitely the shortest person in our line, but after saying they wanted us ordered shortest to tallest, they stuck me second from the back. I was glad when they finally had what they needed and released us from the muster drill because I was getting a bit claustrophobic.

Shortly after the muster drill, it was time for the ship to leave port.  And not long after that, it was time for dinner because we had the early seating for dinner.  Truth be told, I don't think many of us were that hungry that night because we'd just finished stuffing our faces at the buffet less than two hours before.

Our dinner that first night was in the Tiana's Place restaurant. I think that was the best food we had the entire trip, and we had a lot of wonderful food.  I just wish we'd had more time between meals. Here are a few pictures of the restaurant.

Tiana's Place Restaurant - New Orleans Decor

Tiana Singing Along With the Jazz Band

There was a jazz band playing during dinner and Tiana and Louis the alligator from the movie "Princess and the Frog" came around to the tables to visit and for picture opportunities. This is one area where Disney really excels if you've got little ones. There are so many photo ops and meet and greets with the characters.

After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, we hustled down to our room for a quick refresh and then on to the show that night. The show for the evening in the big theater was titled "Be Our Guest". The show was really a preview of the shows that would be available the rest of the cruise. It had musical numbers from the three Broadway-style shows as well as a quick preview of the magician and physical comedy duo that would be performing.

Quite frankly, after the show we went back to our room and collapsed into a deep, deep sleep. Mr. Goofin' Off had said he was going to stay up and read for a little while...but was out after about one page into his book. The next day was "Pirates in the Caribbean" day on the ship. Stay tuned to hear more about that.  


  1. Nice progress on your projects. Can you tell me the name of the designer for the pirate cross stitch. Sounds like another great day. Wish I had went with you.


    1. Linda, I bought the pattern off of Etsy. I don't see it on there any more, but I did see this one that looks to be very similar. --Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea,
    What a fun blog - I am going to subscribe so I can keep up on your cruise. I love Disney too - never took a Disney cruise but have cruised a number of times. I love that Captain America fabric - who knew it would be so hard to get?! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. ~smile~

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Roseanne. We really enjoy cruising. We'll be cruising a different cruise line this fall for a family destination wedding...only with my side of the family. Hope you've enjoyed the cruises you've been on like we've enjoyed ours. --Andrea

  3. Super interesting to hear all the details of your cruise. I can only imagine.

  4. You should have paid a porter to carry the bags! At least you had a nice holiday to recover from the injuries. Will there be photos of your food coming up?

    1. Jo, I am pretty sure our hotel didn't have porters or bellmen. If we had planned a little better, I am sure we would have just left the bags at the front desk or something. I am just glad my tweaked back didn't affect my enjoyment of the cruise. --Andrea


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