Monday, March 21, 2016

Making Progress in March 2016

This month has been so much fun.  I can't wait to see what awaits me for the rest of the month.  

Hubby and I spent my birthday at Disney World.  Our annual passes expire soon, so it will probably be a while before we return to the World.  We had a lot of fun and took it easy.  The weather was comfortable, so we did a lot of walking around the parks and grounds of the resorts...and more walking...and more walking.  

I've been making progress on this special Tinkerbell cross stitch picture.  It's for a very special friend who likes to think that Tink is the fairy that watches over her.  It's the perfect fit.  Although Tink always has good intentions, she also has just the right touch of mischief.  

In addition, I finished off my first charity quilt of the year.  As my school work begins to wind up, I hope to get a lot more quilts finished for the year.  I usually prefer to quilt my quilts, but the particular charity this quilt will go to prefers a tied quilt.  I chose the fabrics after a trip to Disney last fall.  I was inspired by the colors found around the park.  I love the way the parks are decorated for the different seasons.  Hmm...maybe I'll add a picture of a Disney decoration, too.  

We had an exciting weekend Disney-wise around here, so I'll have to give an update on that soon.  

Thanks for sharing in my journey.  


All you need is

Faith, Trust

and a little bit of 

Pixie Dust

-- Tinkerbell

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