Friday, March 4, 2016

Walt Will Live on in My Heart (An Introduction)

Upon Walt Disney's death, CBS newsman Eric Sevareid remarked about Walt:

"He probably did more to heal or at least to soothe troubled human spirits than all the psychiatrists in the world.  There can't be many adults in the allegedly civilized parts of the globe who did not inhabit Walt's mind and imagination at least for a few hours and feel better for the visitation."

Throughout my life, I have found an escape from the troubles of the day in watching a Disney movie, planning a family vacation to one of the theme parks, or even playing a game of "Frozen" Sorry! or Avengers Uno with family.

As I have gotten older, I have noticed how Disney seems to find a way into so many nooks and crannies of my everyday activities.  When I go fabric shopping, I may imagine the smells of the Main Street Bakery as I look at cupcake fabric; relive for a moment Thunder mountain as I see western-print fabrics; or even buy a few yards of Monsters University fabric just because I know some child will enjoy it in a quilt that will be donated to a local children's hospital or Project Linus.

I have a fantastic husband who truly sees himself as Goofy.  He loves to have fun.  There isn't much that can get him down.  He loves his family.  He is even tall and skinny.

The name of my blog was arrived at through a combination of mine and my husband's love of having fun and goofing off (especially when we can incorporate Disney) and my love of creating quilts to give away to family, friends, and charities.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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