Friday, July 2, 2021

Goofin' Off with Heroes and Villains...and a Few Project Updates

Have you ever watched a movie and wished you could see the clothes the actors are wearing up close and personal?  Yep, this girl most definitely has!  And let me tell you, when I got the chance, it did not disappoint!  

Mr. Goofin' Off and I recently got to attend the "Heroes and Villains:  The Art of Disney Costume" exhibit at the MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture) in Seattle.  It was absolutely fascinating.  There were so many of the original costumes warn in Disney live-action films, we stayed until we literally had to leave because our time was up.  

The four costumes above were all worn by Cinderella in live-action movies and TV by Disney.  Can you guess where they came from?  

  • Top Left:  Warn by Lily James in the 2017 movie "Cinderella"  The details on this were stunning with hundreds of beautiful little butterflies sewn onto the dress.  
  • Top Right:  Dania Ramirez in the seventh season of the TV Show "Once Upon a Time" 
  • Bottom Left:  Warn by pop singer Brandy in the 1997 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical film "Cinderella" made for ABC.   
  • Bottom Right:  Warn by Anna Kendrick in the 2014 movie "Into the Woods."  
Each interpretation done of Cinderella's ball dress fits perfectly within the production.  I have a whole new appreciation for the designers.  

While my projects are not nearly as stunning as these dresses were, I do have a few updates.  

Flamingo Crossings Quilt

I've decided to name this quilt "Flamingo Crossings" after the Flamingo Crossings Village just outside of Walt Disney World.  (I have to get in that Disney reference somewhere.  LOL)  It's where the Disney College Program students are housed during their tenure working at the most magical place on earth.  

The first thing I did was sew some of these strip sets together.  I love the pretty pinks...and know they are bright.  But it will all be toned down when I add some the black fabric further down the road.  

Next, I sub-cut these strip sets down to get started on the blocks.  Not a whole lot of progress, but it's better than nothing.  

On my cross stitch project of "Mickey and Pirate Friends," I started a new row of pattern pages.  I got through approximately 800 stitches since the last update.  I know some people can do that in a day, but this baby has tons of confetti.  And, quite honestly, finding time to work on projects can be difficult to fit in.  

And this is how the entire piece looks right now.  Hoping to get more stitching done this week.  But Mr. Goofin' Off has a bit of time off, so that often eats into my stitching time.  I'm not complaining, though.  I love to spend time with Mr. Goofin' Off.  He is my personal Goofy!  

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Have a magical day!

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  1. Thanks for posting about the exhibit. I'm going to poke around on the Internet to see if the exhibit might travel to Japan. I’d love to see it up close. Mickey and Pirate friends is progressing well.

    1. I hope the exhibit does make it your way. It was so fascinating to see all these iconic pieces from the films in real life. Like the coat and scarf from the original Mary Poppins right next to the one warn in the new movie. Thanks for popping by and leaving a message!

  2. Those are stunning dresses, how wonderful to be able to see them in person.
    I love the flamingo quilt so far, it is very bright and colourful!
    Those confetti stitches make it all worthwhile when you see them come together, nice progress.

    1. The flamingo quilt is definitely quite bright. Currently adding some darker fabric to the mix which tones it down a little bit...but not much. I agree with the confetti stitching. When I've finished a section and step back, it's amazing to see a picture appear. Thanks for popping in and leaving a message. Happy stitching! -Andrea

  3. I so agree on the costume thing!! I bet you had a blast checking the costumes out! we got to go to the Star wars event in Denver and a big part of it was the costuming - I was in heaven!
    Love your little Flamingo quilt!!!

    1. We're always keeping our eyes out for Disney/Pixar/Star Wars/Marvel traveling exhibits. They help keep us in the Disney "bubble" when we can't be playing in the parks. I'll have to keep my eyes out for the Star Wars exhibit. Thanks so much for popping in and leaving a comment! Happy stitching! -Andrea

  4. How wonderful to get to see all the costumes up close as we can´t appreciate on the screen all the work that went into such clothes. Pretty Flamingo Crossing fabric.

    1. I agree. We can't really appreciate all the work that goes into something until we see it up close. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment! Happy stitching! -Andrea


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