Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Quilt Start and Matching T-Shirts - 02/23/2017

Quilt Updates

So far this week I haven’t had as much sewing time as I would like.  I did, however, finish the first set of blocks for my Tinkerbell quilt.  Like the last quilt I finished, this one will have a fair share of greens, blues, and purples.  The first set of blocks that I finished was a strip set of two green fabrics and one white.  You can see the first set of blocks below. 

The odds are pretty good that this quilt will be another quilt for charity…most likely going to a sick child.  I know the children love the colors as they brighten their day and often their hospital rooms.  The original palette of fabrics I chose can be seen below. 

I felt that this was actually too much color, which is why I put the white in the first set of blocks.  In addition, the first border that I add will also be white…unless, of course, I change my mind, which I am known to do.  

Cross Stitch Update

Next is the latest update on my Tinkerbell cross stitch piece.  I have finished one more small section since my last update.  I am very excited as I am getting closer to the end on this piece.  I have been working on it for well over a year now. 

I have begun trying to decide what I am going to do next.  I have several patterns I’ve got my eyes on right now.  I also have several pieces of digital art I’d like to convert to a cross stitch pattern.  I will need to get permission from the artist first if I decide to convert a piece of digital artwork.  I have had good luck with this in the past, although I’ve never really stitched one up before.  Either way, I need to be sure I’ve got all the aida and floss I’ll need on hand so I can get started on it as soon as I finish Tink.  

Disney Odds & Ends

Last, but not least, is my little Disney update.  I ordered these matching shirts for my niece and myself.  My shirt came the other day.  She recently moved, so hers will take a little longer to get to her.  She is as much of a Disney nut as I am.  Unfortunately, she now lives all the way in Texas, which is a far cry from here in the Pacific Northwest.  I miss her dearly.  Anywhoooooo....

Here is the T-shirt.  It's a v-neck and says:  "I'm not just a Disney girl, I'm a big cup of wonderful covered in awesome sauce with a splash of sassy and a dash of crazy."  I think I know a few more ladies who would love one of these.  I don't know how I got so lucky to have so many Disney lovers among my friends and family.  

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  1. Oh, I love that cross-stitch! And the t-shirt! I don't think it is any exaggeration, either! You are all that more, Miss Awesome-Sauce! :-D


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