Saturday, February 11, 2017

Opening Pandora...

DISNEY AND PANDORA UPDATES – I Promise Quilt and Stitch Updates Below

This past week Disney’s CEO Bob Iger announced the opening date for Pandora – The World of Avatar.  The opening date is currently slated to be May 27, 2017.  Although my husband and I are excited to finally see this open (who wouldn’t with James Cameron and James Rohde overseeing it), we are disappointed that our trip this year will be before the opening.  We’ve got our fingers crossed for one of two things to happen:  1)  Husband gets sent to a conference in Orlando again this coming December; or 2)  We make an extra trip this year.  At this point the first seems much more likely to happen than the second as most our vacation time is already spoken for this year with family reunions and family weddings. 

The design artwork I’ve seen so far makes this Pandora look like it will be an incredibly immersive place to visit.  Anyone who has been to the Carsland area at Disneyland Resort knows what Disney is capable of.  I am really hoping that Pandora won’t disappoint.  When we were at Disney’s Animal Kingdom a year ago, here is a picture we took from the parking lot of what appears to be a floating rock.  You can see that picture below. 

Disney has announced two new attractions to be located here.  The first attraction will be some sort of river journey on a boat through a bioluminescent rainforest.  What isn’t clear yet is whether this will be a thrill ride or a more family friendly ride.  If this is a thrill ride, I hope I won’t get wet.  The second attraction has been announced entails exploring Pandora while riding on the back of a Banshee.  I have to imagine that this will definitely have some sort of thrill ride aspect to it.  I promise when I do finally get to see it, I will take lots and lots of pictures to share.  


I have finished Steps 5 and 6 on my current quilt project.  This is essentially the first two borders on the quilt.  As I have noted before, this quilt has been adapted from the October/November 2016 McCalls Quick Quilts magazine. 

Since I just have two steps left before I finish this quilt, it’s time to begin thinking about my next quilt.  I’ve got a couple of quilt ideas rolling around in the back of my head.  The first is a Captain America quilt.  I’ve picked out a pattern and some fabric to make a queen-sized quilt for our bed.  Captain America is hubby’s favorite Marvel character—oh, and he also says Ant Man is his favorite Marvel character, so I may sneak in some Ant Man fabric, too.  We really are overdue for a new quilt on our bed.  Several of the quilts we use on our bed during the winter were wedding gifts that we received over 28 years ago and are beginning to show their age. 

My second idea is to keep with the Tinkerbell theme as I finish up my Tinkerbell cross stitch.  I picked up some Tinkerbell fabric several years ago.  Who knows, maybe I can give a Tinkerbell quilt to my friend at the same time I give her the finished stitched piece.  


Speaking of my Tinkerbell stitched piece, below you can find the latest updates from my Tinkerbell cross stitch.  I have completed two more small sections since my last update.  You can see them below.  

Thank you for reading along with the updates.  I hope you and yours have a nice week.   

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